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Friday, May 18, 2012
just flipped out/not too proud of myself

so, i had a really long hard crappy day, in a long hard crappy week- except for the trailer park boys part of the story with DM, stef and nik that was fun ...  DM had been reading a book while i had been babysitting after working all day- dishes to the ceiling, house all closed up and stuffy, nothing picked up, no dinner, 8pm. well, then CUD came over, bad timing, i just could not take anymore and i flipped the fuck out. poor CUD. poor DM- but he was already on the list, so really it was just poor CUD.

 way back in the long ago, way back when i was the stay at home mommywifey, i sometimes read those crappy mommywifey woman's magazines.  (250 holiday cookie recipes/ give yourself a makeover with leftovers- brain washing mindless shit) i recall an article that was actually useful-  "what to do when HE's coming home in half an hour'- the premise was that the wifey had been home all day reading a book and time had gotten away from her- HE was due home any minute and she had done nothing all day- lots of tips on how she could  make it look like she had been busy all day, and get dinner on the table in nothing flat. (and yes, that was some stereotypical bullshit- the 80's were all about stereotypical bullshit)

however stereotypical it might have been, let me say that as an avid reader, that article came in very useful over the years. guilty as charged. one tip was to set the table and have a tasty beverage ready. (if the table was set, could dinner be far behind?)  (i used the hell out of that one.)  get the water boiling for the pasta, asap. brush hair, apply makeup, HE won't notice anything else. (and that actually worked)

so, i guess i wish that DM had read that article when he retired, because as wrong as it is for me to want it, i kinda do. it sure is nice to come in after a long day to the smell of something yummy and knowing that he cared more about me than reading game of thrones. that sounds like i am feeling sorry for myself, i am- he is further than me in the book, and that is not fair.

tl/dr- tired, flipped out and yelled at CUD because DM  read GOT instead of picking up the house and making dinner so he is ahead of me in the book- FML.

Posted at 09:39 pm by jollykay
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Sunday, March 25, 2012
the next great idea!

so, remember when i said, "the next time i say i have a great idea, please lock me in a closet until i come to my senses," remember that? yeah, well, never mind all that, i have a fantastic idea! here goes:

next month we  haul jk and canada to a horse show.  i am responsible for washing and preparing the horses, dressing DM, myself and one of the girls western. nuwanda is responsible for dressing herself and one of the girls english.  DM takes jk and i take canada into a halter class (western) because the show is at an indoor arena- this is to get them used to the arena- brilliant, right? nuwanda shows up with the girls ready to go and she takes canada/english into the leadline class and i take jk western into the lead-line class. we win first and second place. nuwanda takes the girls home. DM and i ride around the fairgrounds and have a blast. then i ride jk in a jack benny class, we win and i post the pics of me with my trophy on facebook.

so, who's in?

Posted at 08:08 pm by jollykay
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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Posted at 01:45 pm by jollykay
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Thursday, December 15, 2011
the secret family recipe for octopus

so, if something happens to me, most of the family recipes are in that big blue cookbook i made... but if you kids get a hankerin' for octopus out of season, here's how it's done... (recipe amounts and harvest dates are approximate) start by planting some tomato seeds, or better yet, go to that amish place and buy some nice flats of tomato plants. i like to get a good mix, some romas and ox hearts, anything that looks good will do. get your husband or partner to plant, mulch, water, and weed them for you. late august or early september get someone with testosterone to harvest a few five gallon buckets of tomatoes for you- now the magic can begin! run the tomatoes through your victorio tomato strainer. cook the resulting tomato sauce until it reduces by a third- usually two days worth of simmering. the whole house will have a wonderful tomato aroma! let it cool and store in the freezer bags, two cups in each bag. wait until a few weeks before x-mas. find a person with plenty of money, have them buy as much octopus as they are willing to. now you are ready to cook... you will need the dude man (DM) once again to cut up the octopus into bite sized pieces, drain the water off of it, pat it as dry as you can. get out a big spaghetti cooking/stew pot, saute the octopi in some nice hot olive oil- the water is going to cook out of the octopi, and the pan is going to fill up with all that juice- reduce it until it is almost gone and the meat is almost about to sizzle. throw in a couple of cups of chopped celery, (chopped with love). add a shitload of finely chopped garlic- twenty cloves? at least twenty, maybe more, and then get that frozen tomato sauce in there, five or six packages... and some spices ... basil and parsley and probably some more garlic. cook this for a few hours until the octopi is very tender. serve with plenty of garlic bread. be sure to take some time to enjoy the praise being heaped upon you by your family for making such a delicious dish!

Posted at 09:03 am by jollykay
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Sunday, April 24, 2011
photo of the week:

what a great easter, accomplished nothing, no yakking, no mushrooms, no leg of lamb. i sure did have a good time. so, i am busy working on these albums... i have found some gems... i will try and post some of the best here, for your enjoyment...

peter in his underpants, armed and dangerous:


more will to come, soon.

Posted at 06:21 pm by jollykay
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
while the cats away...

so, while the boys are fishing, and since my disc drive is down, i thought i would mess up DM's neat little computer desk top...

with the break in the weather, i went out to clean up the tack room... i noticed this hole in the door...

wtf? why is there a hole in my tack room door? so, i went in, sure enough, there is a fucking hole there, as well...


so, i looked around the room, wtf is this?


a broken arrow?


if the arrow fits.... DM, you need to learn to hide the evidence.
next time keep the safety in the ON position, please.

Posted at 11:28 am by jollykay
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
one week ago...

massage on cabbage beach:

the table legs are inside coconut shell so the table does not sink into the sand. this was a terrific massage, if you were wondering!

Posted at 05:46 pm by jollykay
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Sunday, February 20, 2011
playing the game

so, you kids are all familiar with the $10,000.00 game? the one in which i pretend to receive $10,000.00, and fantasize about what i am going to do with it ? well, i am still playing, no "fer reals monies" yet. i now know what to do with it, if it ever happens in the future...

going to take everybody here:


gold rock beach, on grand bahama island, paradise.

Posted at 04:30 pm by jollykay
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, we had fun in Florida. Well, I had fun in Florida while Pete suffered from some bad allergies. After an amazing time in the Ybor district in Tampa we headed south to LaBelle, FL to stay with my grandparents. We played in the shuffleboard contest, bingoed, and fished two days. The first day of fishing we went to a secret place that few Floridians know about. It was a foggy morning Hosted by and a long trek into the jungle
Hosted by
but it was worth it
Hosted by
We ended up catching a lot of bass and a couple of blue gill and walked back out where I snapped a few pretty pictures of the everglades.
Hosted by imgur.comHosted by
We rested for a day and went back out to try and score couple more fish for our fish fry. Although it was beautiful Hosted by imgur.comHosted by imgur.comHosted by imgur.comHosted by
and we made a few friends
Hosted by imgur.comHosted by
but the fish did not want our worms and we walked off with two bass caught by my grandpa and one by Pete.

Our last day in Florida was a wash out. We visited Ave Maria, FL which your money to Domino's pizza helped build. They were finishing up their sculpture that they have been working on for over a year
Hosted by
and inside I drank some holy water
Hosted by
then we were off to Marco Island where Pete did not have such a good time on the beach Hosted by and it was cold, a little rainy and overcast but I still played with seagulls and found some pretty shells. We stopped at the Manatee Lookout area where, even after I called and sang some manatee songs, the manatees did not come out to play. Maybe next year.

Posted at 05:55 pm by rachel
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Sunday, November 21, 2010
secret weapon and fabulous prize

so, DM butchered one of the turkeys, and we have it plucked and ready to cook in the fridge- 34.5 lbs.  that is big enough that i think we can get by with only one for dinner on thursday.  even though he is a big fucker, he is very buff, no fat is to be seen....

the solution is my new secret weapon:

... ta da- a meat injector. the plan is to inject the turkey with a mixture of butter and stock- homemade chicken stock from our own chickens that i cooked all day today- to make the meat extra juicy and yummy. i hope that i do not fuck it up.

only thing left to buy is the baguettes for the garlic bread and some bourbon for the topping for my pie contest pie.  oh, and the brussel sprouts. anybody else in on the pie contest besides DM and i? (i cannot promise that i won't cheat)

!!CONTEST!!- guess how many sticks of butter are in the fridge right now and win a fabulous prize!!!!!!!

Posted at 06:59 pm by jollykay
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